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I'm a huge movie/tv fanatic, and it's the reason I am where I am today! After finishing film school, my plan was to move to LA to be an editor of a tv show. If Friends was still around, THAT would be the goal of all goals. But I’m about 30 years too late. So with that out of the question I moved on to the possible opportunity of working behind the set of This Is Us! My friend's sister worked behind the scenes for them and likely could get me in as well! I was ecstatic. Now all I had to do was prepare for this crazy venture happening that September of 2017. 

it all started when

I realized I didn’t want to be 3000 miles from my family and friends, and ultimately, I couldn’t pull the trigger. So then I was back at square one… about to graduate from film school with no plan for afterwards. I thought to myself, how could I still do what I loved while living in Upstate NY?... Fast forward to a month later, my sister told me her wedding video was ready and was excited for all of us to come over and watch it. This would be the very first one I had ever seen and I was so excited to watch it! I thought I knew what to expect, I mean I was there, right?


my mind was blown!

BUT… a month before the big move, I got cold feet.

i've never looked back

The way their videographer captured everything from that day is something truly amazing. I saw my sister walk down the aisle with my dad from a different view and perspective, I got to see and hear the speech I gave during the reception, and I got to relive my personal favorite part: the dance floor. And then I got to thinking, it’s not even just about the glit and the glamour. I loved this wedding video because while we watched, time stood still. How quick does life happen to us? We don’t get to be with the people we love nearly as often as we would like to. 

We were able to savor these memories, and make them last longer than the 8 hour wedding day. I imagined my sister and now brother in law rewatching it 10 years from now and showing my future nieces and nephews. And then also 50 years from now being able to see the friends and family that may no longer be with us. I never knew a day filled with such amazing, happy memories, could get so emotional and deep at the same time. To have the opportunity to relive such a magical & special day, that was shared with all our loved ones, is the greatest gift they gave to themselves, but also to us.

that's when it hit me

favorite store
favorite tv show
Iced Toffee Nut
my coffee order
Raspberry Martini
my go-to drink
Somewhere Tropical
favorite vacation spot




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